Friday, December 22, 2006

Mentally handicapped adults deserve a continuum of residential choices

READERS FORUM: 'Degrading' the indigent
Louisville Courier-Journal, July 6, 2006.

'Open homes and hearts'
The poignant July 2 story "A Brother's Advocate," about Tim Cox and his brother, clearly illustrates the need for a comprehensive system of quality care for people in Kentucky with mental retardation — a system that should have a continuum of residential choices including family or foster homes, staffed residences and group homes.

In order for individuals with intellectual disabilities to be able to move out of places like Oakwood, there must be adequate community-based residential support for them.

Community Living, Inc. has provided such support for individuals with mental retardation and other developmental disabilities for more than 25 years.

Community Living, Inc. is continually seeking out more families to open their homes and hearts to men and women like Tim, who need and deserve a place to live.

It requires tremendous commitment, dedication and caring. If we as a caring community can see beyond ourselves and reach out to individuals with intellectual disabilities, many people like Tim Cox could feel safe and secure living closer to family and friends.

Executive director, Community Living, Inc.


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