Friday, December 22, 2006

Former foster child needs help

Decades of troubles create need

Forbush, Judy.
Lexington Herald-Leader, June 28, 2006, pg. E5.

The two cases featured this week are requests for assistance with rent and a security deposit.

Jennifer Davis, a social worker at Central Baptist Hospital, is working with a man who needs $500 to make a security deposit and pay the first month's rent on an apartment.

The man lived in the foster care system during his childhood, moving from home to home. During that time he was mentally and physically abused and became an alcoholic. He has been homeless most of his adult life.

He has completed a course of treatment and has overcome alcoholism. A close friend appointed as his guardian has helped him locate an apartment they will share in an area far from the people he associated with.

He has qualified for disability benefits. The income from those benefits, combined with those of his guardian will be sufficient for ongoing living expenses, once the initial rental is paid.

Adult Service case manager Kevin Edmonds is working with a man who needs $500 to pay his rent.

The man has worked full-time for the past 10 years. For 25 years he has coped with hepatitis C but recently his health deteriorated. His doctor had him hospitalized for testing. He was there for more than three weeks and was finally diagnosed as chronically ill with liver problems. He will no longer be able to work. He negotiated with the hospital regarding his bill and was able to use his savings and his rent money to settle the debt.

As a result, he has applied for Social Supplemental Insurance benefits. Once the rent is paid and the benefits begin he will be able to manage.

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