Friday, December 22, 2006

Ostrander says he was misquoted

READERS' FORUM: Children can be hurt by adult selfishness
Louisville Courier-Journal, June 22, 2006, pg. A8.

In last Friday's Courier-Journal story regarding a child visitation/custody battle of an estranged lesbian couple, I was quoted in this manner: "We feel for the plaintiff ... but children need both mother and father. Children are not pets that are simply acquired because some adults want them."

My full quote, given to the reporter the previous evening, was this: "We applaud the court for upholding the rule of law. We feel for the plaintiff, but we long for the time when adults begin understanding that children need both mother and father in an on-going relationship. Children are not pets that are simply acquired because some adults want them."

My point was then, is today and will be tomorrow that in all situations regardless of marital status, race, religious convictions, political affiliation, philosophical leaning or sexual preference we as a society must move away from our personal, selfish ambitions and place the well-being of children first. That mentality would have prevented this sad tale from taking place, as well as many other sad tales where adults make children the focal object of their selfishness.

The author of the story is a talented reporter. We've talked on numerous occasions. I'm sure he had to edit the quotation for space reasons. When this story began to make news as the Kentucky Supreme Court chose to hear the case, he called me, and I refused to comment because I did not want to focus on the particular issue of lesbian adoption. It was a sad story already, and no one needed anyone "piling on." Plus, there are too many other sad stories where children are involved to select just this one.

My comment in Friday's story was directed to all adults, because as a society we have not done well with the next generation. We need to get back to making all of our decisions based on building a healthy family complete with healthy environment and with healthy relationships for the children.

Executive Director
The Family Foundation
Lexington, Ky. 40522


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