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Relocation of Child Focus Foster Care

Child Focus Inc. Foster Care making a move
Community Press, April 4, 2007.

CLERMONT COUNTY - Child Focus Foster Care, 988 Ohio Pike at the intersection of Bennett, will soon be relocating program services to the main Child Focus campus in Mt. Carmel.

"(Child Focus) will continue licensing new foster parents and maintaining existing foster parent base," said Pam Lindeman, M.Ed., LSW, director of foster care and out of home care services for Child Focus. "The relocation of foster care to the main Child Focus campus will result in a greater county-wide accessibility to foster care program services and supports."

The main Child Focus campus is at 555 and 551 Cincinnati-Batavia Pike in the Mt. Carmel/Eastgate area.

"We are looking forward to being in the same facility where so many great services are offered including Head Start, Outpatient Mental Health and School services," said Lindeman. "It feels like we're going back to our core, our home."

Child Focus Foster Care offers training and certification services to interested applicants in Clermont County. Applicants benefit from 44 hours of preparatory training and homestudy assessment.

"During our transition back to the main Child Focus campus, training and certification activities will continue to be offered monthly to interested persons. Our phone number, 752-1555, and open orientation meetings, held the first Tuesday of every month, will remain the same," said Lindeman.

Child Focus has been a provider of foster care services since 1989 and continues to evidence effective outcomes.

"Unlike many private foster care agencies in the Greater Cincinnati area targeting recruitment efforts in Clermont, Child Focus is based in Clermont County and is committed to partnering with families to care for children from Clermont County," said Lindeman. "Foster parents are vital to the system of care for children in Clermont County."

In 2006, Child Focus provided for the daily care of more than 45 children and adolescents.

"There continues to be a great need for families to care for younger children, sibling groups and older youth. We need more strong, supportive families to open their homes. Ultimately, though, we want to assure the public that we will continue to be the same quality program - the only thing we're changing is the address."

If you are interested in more information on becoming a foster parent, contact a foster care representative at 752-1555.


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God bless everyone who voulenteers for foster parenting. Foster parents are ordinary people who choose to get involved with children in need. They can be married couples, single parents, empty nesters, stay at home and working parents. Foster parents do not have to be rich, in fact, they come from all income levels. What is important, is that they have room in their hearts, their homes and their lives to share with a child in need.


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