Saturday, March 24, 2007

Brooklawn should have been more transparent and forthcoming with information

Readers forum: Questions remain about the wisdom of this one
Louisville Courier-Journal, Feb. 4, 2007, pg. H2.

.. You can be a supporter of Brooklawn and nevertheless challenge the wisdom of a group home placement. These ideas are not inconsistent or contradictory.

There are a number of unanswered questions about Brooklawn's proposed group home:

Why didn't Brooklawn anticipate potential objections in a single-family residential neighborhood? I live in Kensington, and such a home would be prohibited by plat restrictions. I know of no one who lives in this type of neighborhood who would expect a group home to be placed next door.

Presuming Brooklawn did anticipate this debate, did they try to fly under the radar and obtain approval before anyone got wind of what was going on? It sure looks that way

As a matter of law, if the juveniles have completed treatment, how are they disabled under the statute?

Brooklawn's letter to the neighbors claimed in December that the age group was 14 to 18, but now say the age range is 16 to 18. How and why did it change? Does that change have a legal effect?

With no track record to compare, how did Brooklawn determine that this group home would meet their objectives? Or is this just an experiment?

This group home is far from my house, and it won't affect me in any way. I'm just tired of the propaganda war and wish the facts were laid on the table.

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