Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Terrell and Luttrell murdered Boni Frederick

Intent to seek death penalty filed in social worker's slaying
Lexington Herald-Leader, Feb. 17, 2007, pg. B4.

HENDERSON -- Prosecutors will seek the death penalty for two people accused of killing a social worker in Western Kentucky in a case that prompted proposed legislation to protect social workers.

Henderson County Commonwealth's Attorney Bill Markwell filed a notice of intent this week to try the cases against 33-year-old Renee Terrell and Christopher Luttrell, 23, both of Henderson, as capital cases. A Henderson County grand jury charged the couple with murder, kidnapping, first-degree robbery and theft over $300."We have reviewed the evidence in its entirety. We believe the conduct of the defendants of murder and robbery raises (the case) to the level where the jury should consider sentences more serious than life in prison," Markwell told The (Henderson) Gleaner on Thursday.

Terrell and Luttrell are accused in the Oct. 16 killing of Boni Frederick, 67, and in the kidnapping of Terrell's infant son. Police searched for the three, who were found taking shelter in a trailer near Godfrey, Ill., about 30 miles north of St. Louis.

Authorities said Terrell and Luttrell beat and stabbed Frederick during a scheduled visit that Frederick was facilitating between Terrell and the infant at Terrell's residence in Henderson. The state has custody of the child.

The couple are accused of stealing jewelry from Frederick's body and taking her car to leave the area.

First-degree robbery is considered an aggravating circumstance that makes the case eligible for the death penalty.


Blogger ISpyMyBlackEye said...

I sincerely hope BOTH of these people are severely punished for what USED to be serious in this state- taking a life. Now, a 12 yr old child can die in my small hometown of only 15-20k people in it surrounded by an apartment complex full of people watching the abusive acts, and yet this year one of the parents gets a new trial and only one of them will serve "life" now....if she even ends up doing all of that. Sadly. I send my prayers even after this many years (post from 2007, Im going back into the blog pretty far as Im happy to have found it and can relate to its issues that it brings up and addresses etc) five yrs later when I say I am praying still, along with sending kindest of wishes of better days and smiles to the family of loved one, social worker Boni Frederick who was only trying to do the right thing by a lost child in our state of KY and was an angel taken from us way too young, actually. Boni, just know you had a heart of true gold, even platinum honestly, to deal with such dangerous people who were causing such problems with you only trying to safely intervene between the two and the child without the child being hurt more than it already probably had been. Its all so sad. A life was lost, a child was even more lost afterward left to wander this dark world alone one day all by themselves, and two parents wont get the death penalty but Im sure one got close to life and another blamed all the abuse on partner number one instead. I still dont know about the Patrick Watkins case, or him getting a new case this year or back in 2011 when his "wife" did not, but maybe that was deserved, however he did just as much by not stopping what was going on to poor little Michaela who was a serious joy in life daily. -Clark County Resident, Ky

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