Friday, December 22, 2006

Mother drives car into lake and kills one of her two children

Girl, 6, may have clues in drowning
Was in car mother drove into lake
Kirby, Cassondra. Lexington Herald-Leader, Aug. 21, 2006, pg. A1.

The Pulaski County coroner said a woman whose 8-year-old son died when she drove the family car into Lake Cumberland early Saturday, may have done so intentionally.

Coroner Richard New, who performed the autopsy on the boy and was among those investigating, said a nurse told him that 6-year-old Misty Rambo said her brother was sleeping in the backseat when their mother suddenly said she was going to drive the car into the lake.

The 6-year-old has not been interviewed by police detectives, who are waiting for the girl to be moved from foster care to more familiar surroundings before questioning.

Misty Rambo managed to unbuckle herself and swim to fishermen who saw the 1995 Chevrolet Corsica plunge into the water near the Cumberland Point Boat Ramp in Wayne County. The fishermen were also able to pull the driver, Wynema Worley, from the water, but the car sank before they could reach Dylan Rambo. Twenty minutes passed before rescuers pulled his body from the water.

Misty was taken to the Somerset hospital, where she was treated and released on Saturday. She was placed in foster care after the crash, but is expected to be released to family members today, New said.

Worley was admitted to the hospital and released yesterday, according to hospital officials. She could not be reached for comment at her home in Bronston.

New and state police said Worley was apparently on her way to her mother's house near the boat ramp when the crash occurred. She had gotten into an argument with her husband, Danny Worley, and left their home with the children, said New, who said he has spoken with Danny Worley.

The car flipped when it hit the water. Wynema Worley told authorities she thought she had hit a creek and then she blacked out, New said.

State police detectives, who were off yesterday, could not be reached for comment.

"It's a tragic event for the little girl," New said. "Right now police are concerned for her ... and are waiting until all of this gets settled down for her."

No charges have been filed against Wynema Worley.

"Basically, it depends on what the little girl says," New said. "Her statement will tell us what was going on and what the intent of the mother was."

Funeral arrangements for Dylan were incomplete yesterday at Lake Cumberland Funeral Home in Somerset.


Blogger woman have courage said...

Wynnema Worley is doing time in prison and has lost her children due to elavil a psychiatric medication, I hate drugs and what they do, and it is time for it to stop, a former foster child, the foster system sucks and it pushes people into doing what this mom did and I am so sorry about that and so ashamed to say that I live in a country where our system is so grossly neglectful of any human care, compassion, or concern. Foster parents and foster homes don't have to be perfect no one in this system does, but parents do, they are expected to be or get "treated" for that and lose their children one way or the other and the saddest thing is that children lose their parents and that the kids are the ones that suffer the most at the hands of this system.

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