Friday, December 22, 2006

Children should not have to languish in foster care

READERS' FORUM; Give children 'a chance'
Courier-Journal, Jan. 16, 2006, pg. A8.

I have been reading with interest the articles on children's services. My wife and I have been involved with Kentucky youth for several years. We are foster parents. We serve on the Citizens Foster Care Review Board and the Interested Party Review Board.

It has been my experience that parents who have their children removed from their care have serious problems and may never have those problems resolved. They have a year to get their house in order, according to federal guidelines. After the year, if they do not do what is right, their parental rights are terminated.

The children need a safe, loving environment. If the parents are incapable of providing such, then adoption is the best plan.

Some of these children go through hell. The commonwealth of Kentucky should not make the children stay in such an environment. The children need a chance at a normal life.

The state, at long last, is trying to give these children a chance at not being abused and a chance to grow up to be productive citizens. It is amazing to me that it is being criticized for that.

-The Rev Fr. C. RICHARD PUMPHREY, Springfield, Ky.


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